our Services

Direct legal assistance

Legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment, which is often followed by legal assistance. The organization provides child friendly need based assistance, support and guidance. These include:

Legal Aid Clinics
Legal Consultancy
Documentation and Conveyancing
Direct Legal Assistance

Psycho-Social support

The integration of a child with the community and the protection and well being of the child within that community is a priority for us. In order to do so, we offer a number of psychological services to the child and the guardians. These include

Intelligence testing
Personality testing
Family therapy
Child and adolescent counseling
Career counseling and aptitude testing

Research and Policy Intervention

Research and policy intervention We offer research and data collection services. We also conduct a number of surveys and researches in order to know the on ground effects of policies and government schemes. We seek to know the areas that need intervention and then take steps needed to bring about improvement.

Sensitization and Awareness

It is only through knowledge and awareness that any organic change can be brought about. In consonance with this belief, we conduct various sensitization and legal- psychological- social awareness campaigns and capacity building workshops in childcare centers, schools, and with parents. The focus of these workshops is to open up communication channels between parents and children, and to make them aware of their legal rights and duties.